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Water damage, sewage and mold can permanently ruin your property in the unfortunate case that your home or business becomes flooded. More importantly, they can be harmful to your safety and health. Quick-Dry Flood Services puts your safety first with our removal, mitigation, and mold remediation services. Our friendly and certified team will work to evaluate, contain and decontaminate the area. We are fully committed to efficient, prompt and professional service since 1968.

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Water Removal


Water damage due to any flooding can permanently damage your home or business. Combat the growth of mold with our water removal services. Our expertly trained and licensed technicians will waste no time when removing water from any structure. We understand that the longer water stays, the greater the chances are for mold to develop and damage nearby areas. We extract the water with our state-of-the-art drying equipment and moisture detection devices as efficiently as possible. With a quick response time, we ensure that no mold develops and a faster drying process.


Sewage Mitigation


There can be many toxic chemicals and products contained in sewage. When sewage infiltrates your home or business, the damage can be permanently destructive to you and your property. Our team at Quick-Dry Flood Services is only concerned about your safety and providing you with thorough, cost-effective and prompt sewage removal service. Our technicians will complete a full assessment and evaluation of the damage based on the industry’s ANSI/IICRC s500 & s520- Standards and Reference Guide. Then, the contaminated area is expertly decontaminated and dried to eliminate the possibility of bacterial or microbial contamination.


Mold Remediation


With safety being Quick-Dry Flood Services main concern, we work to contain infected areas so mold does not spread and cause more damage to your property. Our remediation plan begins with assessing the size of the molded area and evaluating the type of damaged material before the remediation can be executed. We will then implement ways to fix the water or moisture problem so it does not occur or cause any more damage to your property. Our team uses specialized cleaning equipment to remediate the mold. The contaminated property is then carefully removed and safely disposed of to assure no further mold develops.


For more information on our water damage, sewage mitigation and mold remediation services, contact us at (800) 379-3696