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Flood & Sewage Mitigation in San Diego, South Orange County and Southwest Riverside communities

Our team at Quick-Dry Flood Services is concerned about your safety and providing you with thorough, cost-effective and prompt sewage removal service.

There can be many toxic chemicals and products contained in sewage. When sewage infiltrates your home or business, the damage can be permanently destructive to you and your property. Our technicians will complete a full assessment and evaluation of the damage based on the industry’s ANSI/IICRC s500 & s520- Standards and Reference Guide. Then, the contaminated area is expertly decontaminated and dried to eliminate the possibility of bacterial or microbial contamination.


As a total restoration company, we don’t just get rid of your sewage but we also help restore your property back to a functional, livable space. Your safety is always our number one priority and we know how dangerous waste problems can be, which is why we offer so many sewage backup services to both meet your needs and ensure a complete restoration. Some of these include:

Sewage sludge removal
Black water removal
Professional sanitizing and disinfecting
Flooring and fixture dry out
Emergency sewage cleanup


Sewage problems can be hard to manage. Sometimes appliances malfunction or there are environmental factors you can’t control. In other cases, though, sewage backup is simply a result of too many items being stuffed down the drain. Some of the most common sewage problems we deal with include:

Sewage line backup
Overflowed toilet
Cracked or Broken Sewage Lines
Sewage in basement or crawlspace

Most people know that sewage should not be left uncleaned, but the longer you let it sit, the more likely you are to contract E. coli, salmonella, hepatitis, eye, nose, throat, and ear infections, and much more. It is simply not safe to stay in a place with leaking sewage, so give us a call today! We have cost-effective services so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank.


You may be tempted to handle your sewage situation yourself, but we highly advise that you call a professional for your sewage backup cleanup. There are a few reasons why:

Safety: Sewage is considered a bio-hazard and carries many bacteria and germs that can get you seriously sick. Even worse, you can spread that bacteria to others. As sewage professionals, we have the proper gear to prevent exposure.
Efficiency: When it comes to sewage backup, time is of the essence. Without the proper tools and equipment, the cleanup process can go on forever. We guarantee that we can provide sewage backup cleanup that is as efficient and affordable as possible.
Other Problems: Oftentimes, sewage is the result of bigger issues like a burst pipe or leads to bigger issues such as significant water damage, toilet overflow. The only way to be sure is to have a professional look at it from the start.
Restoration: After a sewage backup, your property may have significant water damage and need to hire a contractor to fix it. As your cleanup and restoration experts, we are able to both get rid of your sewage and provide water damage restoration.


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