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10 Common Risks of Water Damage in Your Home

While we usually associate water with well-being, life, and purification, it can also be the cause of decaying infrastructure, compromised home foundations, and unhealthy mold growth. This is especially true in case of water-related damage caused by floods or leaks in a residential setting.

In today’s blog post, we’ll examine the 10 most common risks of water damage in your home. Besides having to fork out significant financial outlay on hiring a dependable team of flood service professionals to take care of water damage repair in San Diego, it can also cause health complications and emotional strain.What are the dangers of water damage

What are the dangers of water damage?

There are a whole host of ways floods and leaks can damage your property and well-being. Having a basic knowledge of where water tends to strike and what types of blows it deals, will help you spot the issues and react promptly in case of an unfortunate water damage event.

1. Structural damage

If water infiltrates the core of your home structure, it can damage its integrity. This is particularly true in case of prolonged exposure when moisture slowly finds its way into your home’s foundation. If you fail to act quickly, your beams and walls will continue soaking up water necessitating complicated repairs.

2. Mold & mildew growth

If you let water or moisture sit for a long time, it will seep into every possible crevice of your house. Not only do mold and mildew pose a significant risk to your home, but they can also lead to numerous health risks. Mold can trigger skin allergies, asthma symptoms, and cause serious problems with the respiratory system.

3. Roof damage

Certainly one of the most common and detrimental consequences of water damage is a leaky roof. Not only does it constitute an inconvenience that endangers your comfort, but it can also lead to terrible flooding events that can leave serious destruction in their wake. 

4. Plumbing failures

Burst or leaky plumbing is a common source of residential water damage. Besides freezing temperatures and corrosion, it’s usually caused by high water pressure, dated plumbing, or faulty installations. Keep in mind that in these types of situations, a quick reaction can be the difference between a successful intervention and a flooded home. 

5. Appliance leaks

From washers, driers, and AC units to refrigerators and water heaters, appliances can malfunction and cause a lot of damage before you even realize what’s going on. Regular maintenance is the best way to minimize water damage risks due to faulty appliances.

6. Flood damage

While they luckily don’t come often, natural disasters are a significant risk, especially in coastal areas. Floodwater comes in a surge that is practically impossible to stop and can inundate your home in a matter of seconds. If you live in a vulnerable area, it may be smart to pick a reliable team of flood service specialists to call once the calamity strikes.

7. Electrical damage

The combination of water and electricity is dangerous and can even prove fatal in certain circumstances. This is why it’s crucial to turn off the electrical supply if you’re struck by flooding or extensive water damage and call professionals to assess the situation and help you deal with the consequences.

8. Foundation erosion

Maybe the most costly and serious problem water damage can do to your home is to cause cracks in the foundation. If the water accumulates around your home’s foundation, it can lead to soil erosion or settling. Remember, acting vigilantly is paramount because an eroded foundation will seriously endanger your home’s structural stability and integrity. 

9. Damage to personal belongings

Besides large-scale damage to your home’s foundation, water damage can also wreak havoc on your personal belongings. Your favorite piece of furniture, fancy gadgets, important documents, and small trinkets of great emotional value can all get damaged beyond repair by sudden flooding.  

10. Increased insurance premiums

If you’ve filed a claim for water damage before, insurance companies may use this information to increase your home insurance premiums. What’s more, if this has happened more than once or you live in an area susceptible to flooding, insurers may not cover water damage at all.10 Common Risks of Water Damage in Your Home

Where can I find dependable specialists in water damage repair in San Diego, CA?

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