Crucial Steps in Case of Residential Flooding

6 Crucial Steps in Case of Residential Flooding

One of the most scary problems that homeowners face in California is residential flooding. Besides presenting an immediate danger to the well-being of your loved ones, it can cause lasting damage to your belongings and in some cases even endanger the structural integrity of your property. If you’ve had the misfortune of dealing with flood damage in Temecula, it’s crucial that you enlist the help of professionals ASAP

Calling in pros as soon as the accident occurs can not only significantly minimize the extent of the damage but also help you deal with the immediate consequences of flooding. However, there are a couple of things you can do before professionals arrive at your place. In today’s post, we outline 6 important steps you should take in case of calamity. What actions should you take after a flood

What actions should you take after a flood?

Maybe the most important consideration in case of flooding is time. Floods usually occur unexpectedly and in a matter of seconds so it’s crucial that you know how to act in advance. Print this list or keep these steps in mind so you can act quickly and accordingly in case your home gets hit by residential flooding.

1. Switch off the utilities

Water and electricity don’t mix so it’s important to turn off the power and avoid life-threatening electrical hazards. Even if the flooding inside your home looks insignificant, there is a chance of water surge and basement flooding that can submerge your electrical outlet and cause a short circuit or fire. 

2. Avoid contact with floodwater

After turning off the electrical supply, make sure to turn off the tap and don’t use water until the calamity stops. Until you’re able to identify the cause of flooding, you should avoid getting into contact with flood waters for sanitary reasons. If you have a pair of rubber boots, put them on as they can keep you dry and safe from contaminated waters but also submerged electrical outlets.

3. Try to document the damage

Once you’ve turned off the power and ensured everyone’s safety, it’s a smart idea to document the water damage. If you can, you should try to take photos and videos of your home and damaged belongings before you start moving furniture and appliances around. This will serve as valuable first-hand evidence that can prove helpful for both the cleanup and repair process but also for future insurance claims. 

4. Deal with the standing water

While you’re waiting for professional help, you can try to get rid of the standing water. Whether using a traditional bucket and mop combo or with the help of more modern tools like sump pumps, fans, dehumidifiers, and wet-dry vacuums, dealing with the water promptly can help you minimize the damage to your furniture and floorings.

5. Try to ventilate & dehumidify

If the weather permits, you should open the doors and windows to increase air circulation inside your home. Increased circulation will help dry out your property and prevent stubborn mold growth that can cause further damage and numerous health-related risks.

6. Wait for professionals

After taking care of these basic steps, all you can do is wait for specialists. You should clear the pathway of clutter and remove any pieces of furniture that are blocking access to utilities so your water damage professionals won’t have any accessibility issues. If you have any valuable items or important documents, you should remove them immediately and put them in a dry and safe place to avoid further headaches.

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